Thursday, May 16, 2013

Standing Still in a Sandstorm by: Karen Pilarski

A sandstorm of change came over the horizon.  There were warm yellow particles whipping in the air. I tried to avoid the changing elements only to have them swirl and yank my dark brown hair. Secretly yearning for the storm to pick me up and transport me to another place. Lately it seems everything around me is changing expect for me. Colleagues and former classmates seem to be heading on the right path and embracing every change in wind and clouds.

 In my own immature thinking I assumed the lack of movement was my fault. Possibly I didn’t want it bad enough or work hard enough. The storm angrily gusts and thrashes dust and dirt. 

  The violent storm of emotions builds and builds.
 The impact becomes stronger and then it pauses. Though change is rocky, it is up to me how I handle what is left in the wake. Suddenly the dust settles a bit and happily I start to dance in the middle of the current. Water like clarity washes sand aside.  I linger for only a moment before I drop off under the sunrise.  Vision starts to become clearer. Do I continue being stuck in my own stormy thinkin? My fuzzy ear could hear the muffled wind whirling and whistling. Then the biggest question hits me. Where do I stand, when the sandstorm subsides?