Tuesday, May 14, 2013

She Wants To Lead a (Fill in the blank) Life

I was on my way to get some grub when I bumped into my mentor and former college professor. We exchanged pleasantries as we approached each other from opposite ends of the hallway. She said “Your life is so exciting!” I wasn’t sure if my mind processed it correctly. I asked “My life is exciting?!” She mentioned my blogging and that she loves reading my stories. I shrugged the comment off and thought little does she know the ups and downs I’m going through. I mentioned the colorful PowerPoint resume I created and sighed that I just want to find a writing job. We smiled and said our goodbyes. As I was buying my lunch I thought about the word ‘exciting.’ There isn't a distinction if it is be good nor bad. There always seems to be a slight breeze of excitement in the air. Each day I write thoughts about my day and some elements are exciting to some.

 If I really dug deep into my soul I could accept my life while not necessarily exciting is eventful. I have two stepchildren that provide constant sources of laughter and concern. My own family and in laws that cause the most headaches and wild times. While I think my days are mundane and uneventful, there is a small simmer of a spark. I guess if I focused time on the exciting parts, I wouldn’t be dragged down by smothering cynicism. 

During my work day I have made comments that I just key in information at the college I work for. However, some highlights of my day is reading essays and comments from potential applicants. Printing accept certificates is fun and I daydream of the expressions on the faces of the recipients. I love cracking jokes with colleagues and finding humor is the silliest of occurrences.  

When I'm not walking over the lunch hour, I enjoy sitting at my desk and writing a blog or sending goofy emails to my brother. 

After the day is done I attempt to exercise and watch shows that were recorded. I do my part in creating a social media presence by tweeting or going on Facebook. Through conversations or just observing that is where the dullness blends into the exciting and makes my life eventful. I guess my life is 'exciting.'