Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Snow Effect By: Karen Pilarski

After a bad day, came home to a messy home. Slam! The door shook the wall in fury. Threw the sports coat on the couch since it already had the company of yesterday's soiled clothes. Opened the refrigerator door. Closed it and then opened it again. Indecisive and tired of the same dull meal. Poured a glass of milk but knocked it over. Crash! The fragile glass now shattered in pieces on the floor. Splinter type needles waiting for a bare foot to step on them.

Fuzzy mind like static snow on a television screen. Jumbled up and hard to see the picture. Wham! Banged the hand in frustration.Attempted to bury burned feelings under the blanket of snow icing the heart. Fingers are now red and throbbing. Gulp! Took a swig of tap water as the pills danced down my throat.

Amazing how emotions start small and get bigger like a rolled snow ball. Dirt from the past intertwined with heavy wet snow. The frozen state can only remain for a certain amount of time. Eventually seasons like the mindset, changes and transforms. The heart becomes thawed and warm again. Icy particles melt and drip down.

Listened to the weather on the news. It is going to be nice the next day. Laying in bed under the security of the comforter I drift off. Eyes flutter and breathing is deep. The forecast of tomorrow makes a smile appear on my face as a I dream of a better day.