Friday, May 24, 2013

Poker Chips and Slot Machines by: Karen Pilarski

Slot machines whistle and flash along a pattern of florescent light bulbs. People in fanny packs and visors choke on the smokey air. Scantily dressed waitress offer free drinks hoping for a tip. Here is a tip. Life is a gamble. All colorful chips can be placed on love, career or reputation.

Without a crystal ball it is hard to predict future wins and losses. A death grip clutches the dice of chance hoping to clean up nice. I wonder if luck isn't in the gambler's favor. Who picks up the pieces when the chips are down? Who steps in when pockets are pulled inside out and the shirt off the back is lost?

Everyone has had a streak of good or bad luck. Then there are the life gamblers who can't seem to catch a break. The perfect mate, job or lifestyle is slightly out of reach. It is as if a mirror was broken or an umbrella was opened indoors. There is a foolish feeling each time the linty quarter is placed in the slot machine or chips are placed on the table. Personally I have a sense of stupidity and hurt when no one is willing to give me the shirt off their own back.

I have taken a few chances on relationships. Often against my better judgement I put trust and faith on red for love. I'm not just talking about romance but friendships and family relationships as well. Sometimes the relationship was worth the risk and other times I lose my shirt. Mostly I lose my heart which is my most valuable asset.

If I allowed myself to become bitter and jaded I would never take a risk again.  In Vegas the rule is the house always wins. In life that is not always the case. If I believe in myself and take chances then I always win.