Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Secretary

The mousy secretary sits behind a desk. Smudged glasses slip down the nose. Paper and files accumulate on the desk. Brown strands of hair brushed in a messy bun.  Rows of cubicles, feels like an endless maze of walls. Gossipy colleagues behaving like high school students.  Warm brown eyes are strained by the constant gleam of the screen.  There has to be more than just a tiring sequence of typing and printing.

 The constant clicking of the keys, hypnotizes the mind into a zombie like state. The ring of the phone snaps the brain out of the boring and draining situation. The only thing to get through the dull eight hours is to allow a quick escape in a form of a daydream. Perhaps there could be a great job opportunity or a winning lottery ticket. The secretary is more than fuzzy sweaters and a soft voice. She is educated and creative. She is strong and vibrant underneath the meekness and timid nature.

There is so much color under the plain baggy clothes. All this energy trapped within the confines of the cube. One day those walls that hold her back will come crashing down. There will be no more constant clock watching and the sounds of keys clicking away. She will still be someone with smudgy glasses but at least not hidden behind a cluttered desk.