Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Battle

Rumble says the angry sky
Stormy weather mirrors what remains before us
Thought we won the battle, but I was wrong
Took a hit, wounded my heart yet amazingly alive
All this time, I remained faithful and full of trust
There never was a declared winner all along
Accused of being a traitor, didn’t believe the lies
Where does loyalty get but a face full of dust

Barely made it out alive
Tried waving the white flag but it was too tattered and worn
Sold my plans to the enemy, sold out myself
No epic finale just a weak goodbye
Still a glimmer of passion erupting when together
Lightening attempts to resituates, but the damage is already done
Can’t be bothered to call for help
 Pretending to follow hasn’t worked out for me
No use for parting shots only reluctant surrender
As smoke from the war blends within the angry sky.