Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Case of the Butt Kissers

The air smelled like cherry scented chap stick. Lips like their personality, raw and cracked. I pondered if all that butt kissing caused them to lose all ability to think for themselves.

Watching them at times was entertaining. Copying moves and reactions to fit each others moods. Always thought there was some defect within myself.

More mature and educated I often ignored all the obvious disrespect. How depressing it must be to live for everyone else and not yourself. I know a person shouldn't judge but I've been that mile and half in their shoes.

My feet and my heart, battered and sore. I beg for no more of the fake pleasantries. So maxed out and hit the limit ages ago.

It was confessed that I'm too quiet and don't speak up.

Wait a minute, objection!

A shrinking violet I am not!

When I have to be I can be bold and fierce. Don't let my usual solitude fool you. As for the butt kissers they resort to being unruly and self involved.

Unless there is a prize or some gain dangled in front of them. It excites and tantalizes them. There is no need to be obnoxiously loud. Actions speak louder than words. I hear the dismissing of me loud and clear.

Allegedly to them I'm stuck up, reserved and have no personality.

 Truthfully, I'd rather be those things then childish, jealous and petty. How clever they are to paint themselves as the victims. The phony tears and breakdowns are reality television worthy.

Everything they touch has red hand printed stains on it. Any great detective could see right through the facade.

My lawyer encouraged me to let it go and just pretend as if nothing happened.

That is the butt kissers mindset. Act like nothing has changed and everyone is in the same position, standing and ranking that they have always been.

I attempted to argue my case. Everything changes and nothing can ever stay exactly the same.

 A hush came over the jury.

A character witness reported that I am sweet, creative and caring. If given at least half a chance they could have witnessed this themselves.

Sadly they are guilty of being too far up each others.. well judge, you get the general idea. 

I rest my case.