Thursday, April 3, 2014

The good news or bad news first? By: Karen Pilarski

Bad news is unpleasant and unavoidable. I was having a conversation with a woman named Katie today. We discussed how in any job, a person always has to be the bearer of some sort of dreadful decision.

  • A diagnosis of a serious illness or concerning test result.
  • An application for college, a loan, credit card, car deal or employment was refused.
  • The vehicle is beyond repair.
  • Being fired or laid off. 
  • A child was in a fight, has lice, cursed in class.
The list goes on for miles. My past employment has included work at a car dealership, daycare, retail and in higher education. I have had to tell people what they didn't want to hear.

My sister works in the medical field and has had to give upsetting blood results and terminal readings.

I wonder is it harder to break the news or hear it? There is a sheer flimsy line that separates the degree of grimness in a piece of news.

 Additionally, there are several aspects such as feeling of rejection, blow to the esteem and crestfallen feelings.

The emotion of coming up empty handed.

Cancer or another fatal illness is hard to take in and process. Especially to the one who has a rough road ahead or limited journey in life left unfinished.

A person with limited means might need a car to travel to work or pick up their kids. Livelihood is threatened when the tides are not in their favor.

Let us not discount the ego. A cushy job such as manager, staff writer or higher ranking police officer evaporates in front of once lit up eyes. The choice went in another direction. Some other lucky person had pull, experience or charm you lacked.

For every discouraging result there are happy and glorious news.
 Cancer was detected early or beaten to a bloody pulp.
  • You got that shiny new car, earned a spot in a great academic program.
  • The lucrative or life fulfilling job was offered and you accepted. 
  • Insurance will cover the cost of repairs. 
  • Promotion.
  • A child won an award, did a good deed, homework was turned in on time.

 There is the ability to reverse some icky news. Apply to community college, shop around for rates on loans and insurance. Start out at the bottom of a company and work the way up. 

I don't mean to quote the cheesy theme from "Facts of Life." Yet I will, since it fits the theme.
You take the good, you take the bad,
you take them both and there you have
The Facts of Life, the Facts of Life.
 To make the ups and downs bearable and in perspective, you really do have to take the good and take the bad.