Monday, January 27, 2014

Wrap It Up! By: Karen Pilarski

Karen Pilarski, future Oscar winner!
“Wrap it up!” The message on the monitor flashes and blinks, like a stop light. Eyes bug out in sheer panic. Drops of sweat drip down the powdered forehead.

Clumsy hands clutch the golden award as toothy models surround the stage. The statue is heavier than at first thought and slippery. 

Whatever happens, don’t drop it or the “F” bomb.  

“Wrap it up!” 

Somehow a voice cracks and squeaks. A few words manage to escape the mouth as the orchestra sounds.  

Fighting off sobs, musical notes and time, the winner is unceremoniously ‘played off.’  

Then there is the dreaded fallout. 

The spouse seems agitated and an agent appears miffed. Cast members barely make eye contact. The Media reporters are still scratching heads at the last few comments spoken. 

In a pace of what seems like the speed of light, who was forgotten? Can gibberish be transcribed?

It has been said there are no do-overs in life. That is certainly true in award acceptances. Minus the violins and microphones that are observed dropping from sight. 

While many of us don't live in the limelight like super stars, I certainly can relate to being put on the 'spot.'

I have sympathetic feelings for all the entertainment notables during award season.

Especially for Taylor Swift, who at last night's Grammys  had a slightly embarrassing moment. She and her team were cheering until they heard another name being called for best record of the year. 


I had my money on Swift. I admire her songs and the meaning behind them. There is something real and personal about her music. I suppose I don't blame her for thinking she had won. 

As a writer, I'm more at ease typing on a keyboard than I am speaking in front of people.

In college I have had timed presentations. 

Once I spoke on my media study about missing children in the media. I was cut off and I had so much meaty subject matter to share. 

While not accepting an Oscar or Emmy, I know what it feels like to be played off. 

 I felt empathetic for Cate Blanchett during her shining moment in the SAG awards.  Matthew McConaughey (a beautiful man) was talking about Neptune and the acting process. 

Due to the producers of the show, Blanchett only had a fraction of the time to accept her award. She was humorous and her words touching. Even as the music faintly started and grew louder, she finished her speech.

We all have nervous energy and snap decisions are based off of being rushed. 

It is a wonderful feeling to win such a coveted award. However, what people remember in the years later is who said what. 

I can learn some life lessons from award shows. Be humble, show appreciation and remember you are human. 

Remember there is a message waiting to be shared. Make it count and make it memorable.