Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Biz By: Karen Pilarski

Someone close to me has been experiencing a rough time lately. Without divulging her name or situation I'll just leave it that she needs to find a job.

 I called *Susan while she was glossing over the classifieds. She seemed sad that she didn't have the experience needed to find an office job. She spent her adult life being a wife and mother.

We chatted about the horrific job market. I too had observed the hardship and painstaking journey of finding a decent job in my field. Susan stated "How do you get the experience if no one is willing to give you the chance?"

Susan knew my ordeal. I had two degrees but lack of 'years' of  so called experience haunted my search.

Susan is a very fun person. She is outgoing and borders on flirtatious if the right moment comes upon her. She is devoted and passionate.

 In the past she worked as a manager in the fast food industry and countless ofter valuable customer service roles.

 I shared my own job history with her.

After high school I fell into the work trap. There was a routine that I fell into. Work most of the week and get a paycheck. I didn't start college until I was in my twenties. Susan fell into the housewife trap. She married young and her husband brought in the bacon.

Susan worked in various jobs and found some great skills. She was a great customer oriented person. She could sell and haggle like no one's business.

I hate to brag but I even took Susan along when I bought my last vehicle. She scored me a good deal!

On the phone call last Friday I told her she should find a job that highlights her skills. She is modest and downplays her accomplishments.

 This lady is shark at deals and is out for blood. "I don't have experience." She whined. In the 45 minute conversation she disclosed fantastic employment history. She was a top seller in her design sales.

She sold many pieces and won accolades. She worked in a tanning salon and was a crucial part of customer service. I said "Wait, you have no experience yet you just shared all this great pieces of job history?"

Susan needs to go into business herself. I mentioned in earlier posts that someone told me I should invest in myself. Well, Susan is sitting on a goldmine!

She could be the "Negotiator" I joke. She is a people person and has a way with making people at ease. Susan is fun and energitic. She has all this hidden talent but no opputunity to let her shine.

I know the feeling. I've been told I should just be my own business. Susan could be a buyer at a company or an advisor to help land a person a deal. She knows how to schmooze and be relatable. She loves travel and getting deals while traveling.

 My passion is writing. I could teach a class on writing a letter to realtive or a compaint letter. I could charge to write love poems and notes for socially inept people. If I really focused I could write a book.

Susan is inspiring and talented. I'm organized, passionate, sensitive, responsible and creative. She is innovative and resourceful. She is a terrific people person and sales person.

Someone would be a fool not to hire both of us. If anyone could thrive on their own business it would be her. For someone who puts themselve down, she is actually inspiring and one of the best busienss sssavy people I know.

Her best assets is being herself wich means she is valuable and remarkable.

A fool for anyone who wouldn't hire her. I could learn alot from Susan. Oh wait, I have.

I'm a richer person for knowing her.

If anyone is interested in hearing more about more about "Susan" or myself , feel free to message me.