Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Fighter By: Karen Pilarski

It is strange to think about cancer. How can the body turn against itself? Why can't humans figure out a cure?

It has no prejudices or qualms about who it strikes.

The deadly disease took away so many loved ones. It threatened my mom, sister, my sister-in-law, friends and colleagues. When I hear of people having cancer, it makes my heart ache. In a childish way, I can only stammer "It's not fair."

Dreaming of the day when it is no more and no one would be put in the ring to fight. Awaiting the day when the boxing gloves could be hung up and retired.

My sister in law, a true cancer fighter and survivor.
If only tears of sorrow and hope could dissolve into liquid and form an antidote. A vaccine of superpower potency and sheer inspiration. The medicine would be warm like the human spirit and taste of chocolate and wine.

No more drippy candles and rose petal splashed coffins. No more long somber goodbyes.

There is much ugliness and suffering that defines cancer. However, it doesn't define those who have battled. In everything there is beauty and victory.

A bloodied boxer, swollen eye and bruised lip still stretches out hands to punch. Even if knocked out temporarily the boxer pounces up and keeps swinging.

Crowds cheer then hush in dramatic pause. An upper cut slam and the the opponent falls to the ground in defeat.

Even if the fight was lost, it doesn't make it less victorious. In fact, the losing shines a light on the constant battle against cancer.

All the names of souls that ascended up to heaven, become spectators of other battles. They watch above us understanding the journey that lays ahead and rooting us on as a cheering section.

The memory of loved ones are like a warm robe after the final round. It comforts the fighter and cools down sweat drenched skin.

That is how I envision a person's fight against cancer. The fight is motivating and the way human kind bands together is nothing short of a miracle. At times the person is the underdog against cancer.

My money is always on the underdog. I place my bets on the fighter.

Causes that I support:

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin

American Cancer Society Relay for Life

 Mesothelioma Awareness

Angie Mack Reily, a writer friend of mine needs help with cancer reconstructive surgery costs.