Wednesday, September 25, 2013

La La Land: Population 1 By: Karen Pilarski

Good evening folks. Please keep those seat beats securely buckled. Why not sit back and relax? It is a quick flight there and back.  Today's flight plan is to La La land.  Ah La La Land, not as in glitzy Los Angeles or neon Las Vegas. This destination is never that far away.  The location is a few inches above the clouds. The scenery resembles icy snow drifts or endless scoops of vanilla ice cream. Dreaming is not the subject at hand. I’m talking about daydreaming. 
One of my brothers was being a goofball. On social media he posted that he was in Ireland and even tagged himself in locations there. I was stumped since he didn’t have a passport or funds to buy plane tickets. In a matter of minutes his profile indicated he was on his way to London and then Tokyo. A mutual friend tried to refute his alleged vacay bonanza. His response  was “I wanted to take a vacation.” To which my snide remark was “in your head!?”  At first I brushed it off as my younger brother acting immature. However, I kept thinking about it. It is nice to shut tired eyes and take a mental vacation somewhere pleasant.
 I found myself preparing dinner last night and zoning off into space. I was feeling under the weather and perplexed. I don’t know where my head went but noticed the water boiling and snapped back into the present. I normally day dream when working out on the treadmill. Some thoughts are romantic, some mean spirited and some well, I'll just keep to myself.
In all fairness, actual trips are not cheap these days. Vacations are frustrating with the planning, packing and family squabbles over what to do. I would love to flitter off to New York or France but sadly my bank account refuses to allow it. 
A split second vision of telling off someone that upset you is healthy. The therapeutic  aspect of daydreaming is to live out those few seconds in the mind and distress. Think of it as venting inside the mind.
A speedy mental vacation can break up a dull workday. It can also spark creativity and improve morale. My writer spirit is touched by things observed and by becoming lost in thought.  A song or a conversation jolts my poetic soul and I envision vignettes. Jotting down my thoughts allows the ideas to set in and turn into a writing piece.
This mental vacation theory reminds me of a story I read in grade school, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” I hear this was made into a movie starring Ben Stiller. A man who grew bored of his waking life daydreams of living out his desires.  However there are a selected number of people who decide to take a permanent  mental vacation (see my blog post “Bursting the Bubble”) from life. There are intense moments when fantasy does seem more appealing than the real world. However, the fantasy is not real. I’d rather physically and emotionally experience events.  While the daydream is certainly refreshing, it is more fulfilling to live out dreams in real life.