Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thought Balloon By: Karen Pilarski

Worries should float like stray balloons rising to the sky.

Simplistic thinking I confess.

Maybe a sharp pin would appear in thin air. It would puncture the worn out latex, allowing the big mess to burst. The rubber pieces disintegrate before making contact with the ground.

One intentional slip and the airy bubble dips within the folds of the clouds.

Worry instead is can be a lead filled object pushing down hopes. Money issues, marriage strife, relationships, career problems form a paper weight.

 If I didn't have fearful thoughts what would consume my time?

I tire of agonizing over what I should have said or what I could have done. I'm frightened if I stay stuck in one place too long, the hot energy will cool and deflate.

Balloons in the back of a car are similar to my emotions. Whipping around and bouncing off people. No matter how tightly the window is closed, air still seeps. The slight breeze results in an eruption of movement.

Thump thump thump! Hair flying and heads smacked as the balloons appear angered.

It is almost as if they are trying to break free and escape into the world. In the front the driver yells to hang onto it tightly.

If only life was carefree like colorful bubbles dancing and bobbing along with each change of the wind. The danger is when wild ideas and feelings become entangled in tree branches.

 Unless a storm is brewing, thought balloons are stuck and restricted within the twisty and leaf covered arms. A realistic example is staying in a stale relationship until someone else catches your eye. Another possibility is quitting a job and getting stuck in another dead end career.

 There is a push to do something different, yet restrictions still exist. Perhaps the push is the restrictive thought?

As luck would have it someone else could grab onto the string and pull it down. Typical, there is always someone pulling or attempting to pull the strings.

The balloon is elusive but there is a desire to capture what is set off in the atmosphere.

My sincere advice? Don't causally let go. Think before you let thoughts blow around causing a commotion. Listen to what the thought balloons reveal.

After you look at the whole picture can a choice be made. 

Then let go and let new and exciting thoughts take flight.