Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Anchor By: Karen Pilarski

The water of life is hardly still. Choppy icy waves hitting and snarling at the ship. Water slapping and splashing the already tear soaked faces. Bumpy movements and thrashing winds interrupted the once tranquil trip. A heavy anchor is lowered to keep the vessel weighed down.

The cold metal mass can symbolize a source of negativity and badness within us. The mass is malignant if we allow it to be. The negative emotions could spread and cause puncture marks as it shifts.

The anchor weighs a ton and hooks onto the bottom of our souls. It cuts deeply and could potentially break us if we let it. The body of craft creaks as the chain and rope strain to push the anchor down. Pasting on a brave front as the heaviness is hidden. The turmoil is secured below the surface, but oh the pain is felt. Every fallen tear or gloomy eyes reflects what is obscured.

Life and weather seem to consistently change with passages of seasons and time. It seems after one horrific tsunami of a battle ceases another one is beginning to build up. While the anchor can keep things and feelings secured in one spot, the ship wants to keep moving. Being stuck in the middle of the ocean and no freedom to sail causes resentment.

Throughout out all the raging storms and harsh words the ship and passengers managed not to capsize. At the certain tense moments many may drift apart. Miraculously after confronting and pushing through the dramatic climax, calm was eventually restored.

The anchor fulfills a double purpose either keeping the ship still or making the ship stuck in one place.  The meaning is in the hands of the one manning it.