Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Story Of Your Life By: Karen Pilarski

Barbara Walters (picture from abcnews.com)
There is something calming about reading the rich history of a life lived. I'm always curious as to where a person is coming from. Memoirs and biographies are the mind map of the subject.

The intricate experiences of childhood and life's ups and downs spilling onto pages of a book.
The reader is a mere observer of a bumpy story told.

Oprah and Barbara Walters are amazing interviewers and journalists who I admire.

Both women inspire and ask hard hitting questions to get at the core of a person's soul.

As a writer I find solace in learning about how others have lifted themselves up.

Life can get bubble gum sticky. Without forethought or caution, the heel of the worn down shoe get stuck in the pink goo. It stretches into thin glue like stings. Yet, it still remains on the shoe.

The beauty of memoirs I find, is that the gum doesn't need to be removed either. The journey of accomplishment despite the dirtied spot of gum is what uplifts me.

I also love titles of books and figuring out why people called their books that. I'm sure many people try to make a connection to what they are known for or a play on words with their names.

Blogging for me is a way of scribing my history. I love reading fellow writer's take on this crazy world.

I wonder if I wrote my own memoir what I would title it.

What would you name the story of your life?

A fellow blogger/writer and friend Rochelle Dukes Fritsch has a blog called "The Late Arrival." http://thelatearrival.blogspot.com/. I adore the title and her poignant and thought provoking pieces. She is a fellow Milwaukee writer and a wonderful person.

I would totally borrow her title for my memoir.  At the very least a similar theme.

 I was born premature yet I've been late to do just about everything. I was developmental delayed due to being a premie. I was four pounds when my mom gave birth to me. I didn't walk or talk right away, I was a late bloomer.

Then I look at other aspects. I didn't go to college right away. I didn't marry till I was 29 years old. I'm sure I was have a biological child when I hit 50. That is a post for another time. 

Here is a list of my favorite memoirs I have read. My list is in no special order.

1. Audition (2008), Barbara Walters- She is iconic and a legend in journalism. Her book conveys the struggle many women deal with. How to make it in a man's world.

2. Bossy Pants (2011) Tina Fey-Fey is bad ass. She provides a history of a lady with big dreams who made them a reality. My favorite chapter was peeing in jars with boys. There is no big controversies or feuds she unleashes. I have read this a million times. Funny and a road map for us creative types who aspire for more.

3. Peter Jennings: A Reporter's Life (2008)- A seasoned journalist that has covered and reported on the world's biggest stories. Sadly, he passed away from cancer. This is a fitting tribute to his life and career and family told by family and friends.

4. Stories I Only Tell My Friends (2011) Rob Lowe- This is a smart and well written description of growing up in the Midwest. Lowe recounts his raise to stardom and the ups and downs that come with it. Although it is interesting to hear him regale the reader with tales of celebrities, I enjoyed his family stories the most. There is a realness in his tone that I found captivating. He discussed his rough relationship with his father and mother.

5. I Shouldn't Be Telling You This (2012) Kate White- Former editor in chief of Cosmopolitan writes advice to help women to become successful. She discusses how each experience in her career was a learning process. Although a great book for writers and editors, a terrific resource for any working woman.

I'm currently reading Billy Crystal's Still Fool Em' and Where are My Keys (2013). If you have suggestions for a terrific memoirs/biographical story please comment below.

I'm always on the look out for new books and blogs to read. What are your favorites readers?