Monday, June 17, 2013

Porcelain Dolls by: Karen Pilarski

Mom used to collect porcelain dolls. It was after my parents divorced that she began buying this type of doll. The other explanation was that once no kids were around she didn't think "I can't have nice things." The fragile faces painted with creepy smiles. Piercing eyes that seemed to follow when walking past the glass cabinet. The dolls hair was always in romantic curls that cascaded down the back. Beautiful colorful dresses and hats decorated each figure. Her collection had better clothes than I did.

My step daughter had a few porcelain dolls. My mother in law gave her a Hershey Kisses doll that belong to her mother after she passed away. My mother also gave my step daughter twin porcelain babies. I am a twin so it seemed rather fitting. However she was given a defective twin brother. I could insert an obvious joke about my own twin brother but I'll play nice. The boy baby had a loose hand. It would pop off if the doll was shifted to hard on the shelf.  Those dolls are in her in room but are not played with anymore.

It is apparent that little girls love dolls and especially if there is a sentimental reason. My mom was an adult when the hobby began. I often wondered was there some child like spirit within her that compelled her to buy assorted dolls? Maybe it was because my mom seemed fragile at times. Life wasn't easy for her and she has had her share of hurts. A simple crack or chip becomes deeper and larger with time.

Reminiscing about my mom's collection got me thinking about how the human spirit is like a child. Protection is needed to keep the vulnerable safe. Care should be taken for those who are hurting and sad. How easy and comforting it would be to cry out like children often do. Warm tears flowing down and dripping off the chin. Underneath the sprayed on makeup, glossy complexion and toothy smile is a simple girl. Just dressed up.