Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lost Days of Innocence

Cotton candy taste
Milkshake dreams, candy dazed heads
Running around till street lights dim
Playing in dirt, making messes with paste
Torn band aid where skinned knees bled
Children’s laughter is the best medicine

Rose tinted faces, sticky hands now wet
Soggy mittens, knotty stringy hair
Crowded playground, whipping cars along with street
Little things mean a lot like loose change found
Moving higher and higher on the swing set
Egged on by friends, big kids start to stare
World looking miniature underneath small feet
With courage, jumping off and landing on the ground

I just want to hear the children play
No longer a fight over silly rules
Such as bedtimes at early twilight
Sense of security, cavity of society decays
Playgrounds once full of life become eerily silent
On that somber and tragic Friday.  -Karen Pilarski